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  1. Care & Maintenance

    Category: Products/Articles

    ... extend the life of your shelves and help prevent warping. Use Your Kitchen Fan Using your fan while cooking will reduce the amount of grime and grease on your cabinets from standard usage. Keep Cooking ...
    Friday, 09 October 2009
  2. Barrier Free Design

    Category: Barrier Free Design/Articles

    Friday, 09 October 2009
  3. Cabinet Construction

    Category: Products/Articles

    ... dadoed and glued in on all 4 sides making them even stronger. These features ensure that they will have the strength to withstand the wear and tear of the heavy duty repetitive use in most kitchens. Doors, ...
    Friday, 09 October 2009
  4. Kitchen Gallery

    Category: Gallery/Multi-Media

    Friday, 02 October 2009
  5. Kitchen Solutions

    Category: Home/Stories

    We can integrate your cabinetry with custom hardware and offer unique solutions. Have you ever desired more from your existing space? Have you ever found your items just out of reach? We know your pain. ...
    Tuesday, 29 September 2009
  6. Home

    Category: Home/Multi-Media

    ... why each kitchen is designed and reviewed independently. Should we be building in the latest accessories and gadgets for the dream home? Or is it time to stick to basic functionality for the budget conscious? ...
    Tuesday, 30 June 2009
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