Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Cabinet Construction



Tree Line Cabinets manufactures only high quality engineered frameless cabinets. Our cabinets are composed of 16mm M3 rated particleboard. Cabinets consist of a white melamine interior, and a finished veneer or wood grain melamine exposed ends to match doors. Wood grain melamine interiors are also available at customer’s request.

To ensure excellent quality, all parts are precision cut, and drilled using a computerized CNC Technology. After each cabinet is assembled, TLC ensures that each cabinet meets and exceeds industry standards before shipping.


Standard gables, tops, bottoms, stretchers, nailers, adjustable shelves, and drawer box parts are all white 2 sides 16mm M3 rated particleboard.

Upgraded case finishes are available. All finished ends will be attached using glue and dowels for strength and durability. All unfinished gables, tops,  ottoms, and stretchers are attached using dowels AND confirmat screws.

Adjustable shelves will be included in each cabinet except for sink units and those which are too short to make it practical. Unless otherwise specified, all adjustable shelves are full depth. All shelves are held in place with lock-in plastic shelf clips – except corner units which necessarily can not be “lock-in” style to maintain adjustability.

All exposed edges are taped with a 0.5mm thick PVC edgetape and will match the exterior finish, except for adjustable shelves which are taped with a white PVC edge tape [or in the case of upgraded interior case finish - matching to said finish]. Where wood veneer Finished Ends are appropriate, matching wood veneer edging is used.

Drawer boxes are all made from the same full 16mm thick G2S white melamine material as the case of the cabinet. The 5/8” thick drawer box bottoms are dadoed and glued in on all 4 sides making them even stronger. These features ensure that they will have the strength to withstand the wear and tear of the heavy duty repetitive use in most kitchens.

Doors, and Drawer Fronts

All doors and drawer fronts are 19mm thick. Thermofoil doors will have a white backing and has a Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) core. Doors and drawers have two clear resilient plastic bumpers in order to provide a quiet cushioned effect upon closing.

A strong cabinet needs a strong base. To ensure that our cabinets get the support they need we build a ladder style toe kick system. This gives full and continuous support under the cabinet – under the bottom, the sides, and the crucial joint where they meet. This can take a bit longer to do but most worthwhile things do. We construct the raw toe kicks from 5/8” plywood. Not only does this add moisture resistance in case of potential future spills or floods on the floor, but it is also ready for tile if the customer so chooses to finish the toe kicks in that fashion.

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